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Oct 31, 2019

Get in the Halloween spirit by counting down the top 10 horror movies we think filmmakers should see with our own Ryan Hill, Kendall Richardson, and Jimmie Harvey.


  • Spotlight on Jason Rawlings
    • Jason is a Video Tech here at Lensrentals meaning he takes troubleshooting and compatibility phone calls (you’ve probably talked to him!) and inspects equipment before it goes out to customers. Jason has made several of his own shorts and a few features too! His dream job is to make movies full time. His favorite piece of gear to use these days is Panasonic S1 and S1H.
    • Jason’s Vimeo
  • You can find Kendall Richardson on The Carpenter Rants on Spotify and Apple Podcast
  • Jimmie Harvey’s Instagram is: Cult_of_Film
  • Jimmie’s Letterboxd 
  • We mentioned and if you love horror movies we think you should check it out!

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  • Thanks to Jacques Granger for our theme song.

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