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Oct 24, 2019

Craig Blair founded in 2008 and today it’s a top destination for keeping up with the latest news and gear chatter around what the manufacturer is likely working on. Craig ran Lens Rentals Canada for several years and talked with Roger and Drew about where he gets his information, the future of SLR cameras as well as the dedication of EOS-R. We make a few predictions we still haven’t seen play out and ask Craig for his hot take on which manufacturer won’t be around in the next few years. It’s getting spicy on the pod today!

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  • Spotlight on the Fuji GFX 100:
    • This is Joey’s most anticipated camera of the year.
    • If you like shooting with the 50S you’re gonna love the GFX 100.
    • 100 megapixels is “insane resolution” and the in-body stabilization to support the raised resolution is a game changer.
    • It’s a lot larger and a little top-heavy but can use a lot of the existing accessories like the tilt adapter if you like to waist level shoot. 
    • This has the highest resolution of any camera we currently rent!

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