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Nov 21, 2019

Roger is joined by our Repair Manager Aaron Cloz and Senior Photo Tech Joey Miller to discuss broken lenses, the types of repairs they’ve encountered, what they think can be attempted at home, and how to prevent repairs from being needed in the first place! They dish on which repair center takes the longest to get gear back from, what environments they can count on to break a lens and advise the best gear for shooting in the rain. In this talk, they reference enjoying working with PhotoTech which is an authorized service center for Canon, Sony, Nikon, FujiFilm, and Sigma.

  • Spotlight on Ryan Hill
    • Ryan is our Video Product Development Specialist, which is a mouthful but means he helps figure out what new products we want to carry, how to inspect, support and accessorize it and how we’ll market it. Ryan has had all the jobs. Really. But before working at Lensrentals he used to PA in North Carolina. His favorite job was working on Eastbound and Down and tells us why and how he got the gig which is quite a tale indeed. Ryan’s favorite new piece of gear is the Quasar Science QLED light kit which are super bright 4ft long LED’s that are easy to control with full RGB spectrum.

  • The Lensrentals Podcast is a production of Lensrentals, founded by Roger Cicala. Our production staff includes Drew Cicala, Ryan Hill, Sarah McAlexander, SJ Smith, Julian Harper, John Tucker, and Zach Sutton. Other contributors include Roger Cicala, Joey Miller, Ally Aycock Patterson, Joshua Richardson, and Philip Robertson.

  • Thanks to Jacques Granger for our theme song.

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