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Dec 5, 2019

Jim Geduldick found his way into immersive video via skateboarding and a desire to emulate the tricks he saw captured in skate videos. He’s now a VR Cinematographer, Creative Technologist, director, and visual effects artist. He has created projects for Intel, Epic Games, Google, GoPro, Red Bull, Hulu and many more. His career path led him to work on projects with Ridley Scott, Michael Bay, and Spike Jonze. Ally and Ryan talked with Jim about the current state of VR and all the different technologies that are encompassed under that term, how ongoing education is key, and some common fears those new to VR have about getting started.

  • Spotlight on Joshua Richardson
    • Joshua writes our product pages for our video product pages and answers tech support calls occasionally too. He ran the YouTube channel called Dudes in Space and is very proud of his music project, Castielle.