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Oct 3, 2019


Joey Miller, Senior Photo Technician joins Roger Cicala, Lensrentals founder to discuss wedding photography.

  • Episode highlights:
    • Second shooting is a great entry point to see if wedding photography is for you. Second shoot for multiple photographers so you are exposed to several different styles and preferences. Negotiating your duties as a second shooter and what you’ll be expected to cover, especially during the reception, are also very important details to work out ahead of time, along with, of course, your fee.
    • Gear: all-important gear questions! ALL current DSLR bodies and mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras will do just fine for 90% of weddings. From a traditional DSLR body to Sony, Canon, and Nikon mirrorless, Joey reminds us that photographers used to manually focus the bride walking down the aisle before autofocus.
    • Always have at least 2 cameras and have backups, backups, backups, as Joey reminds us as he shares his own data loss horror story.
    • A good walk through the ceremony venue is essential for figuring out your gear and the lighting situation you’ll need to be aware of.-Learn lighting and get very good at it, even if you are a “natural light photographer”. Getting the flash off camera is the next step after bouncing with a strobe and on camera flash, no one is a fan of a flash in the face while dancing!
  • Gear mentioned:
  • Spotlight:
    • Sam Leathers is a Video Technician here at Lensrentals. Outside of his job Sam is a founding member of Studio143,  a production company based in Memphis.
    • Sam really likes the versatility of the Shuttle Dolly and the Zacuto VCT Pro Baseplate with add-on grips
    • And shooting with a Varicam.
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