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Oct 10, 2019

Josh Moates, founder of Indie Film Lab talks with Joey Miller and Sarah McAlexander about getting started with film, printing your work, film’s future, and more.

  • Josh believes film has soul and that no digital preset can do what film can. He started Indie Film Lab because he believes the revival of film is strong and understands that when you shoot film, it can be hard to find a lab that processes your work the way you want them to. Finding the right lab is like finding a partner to help you accomplish your vision. As Josh began experimenting in processing his own film other people noticed the quality of his work, loved how it looked and kept asking if he’d process theirs as well. Eventually, Josh said yes, and thus Indie Film Lab was born!

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  • Spotlight on Ally Aycock Patterson:
    • Ally is the New Video Items Supervisor here at Lensrentals which means she’s always busy. She spends her days around here inspecting the high-end video cameras, sourcing new products and building one-click solutions for customers. Ally formally worked at a local news station in almost every role possible and she doesn’t miss that job one bit. She started producing and directing her own work after starting at Lensrentals having great fun and some success producing local commercials and music videos for local bands.
    • Zigadoo Moneyclips - Telephile

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